This Domain is owned by WEBFINET and the sale includes 5 years of hosting with WordPress Premium

The domain is reinforced with all the necessary tools for its development and launch simply and professionally which anyone can edit as easily as on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. All transactions are made and paid in a secure digital way via PayPal; You do not need to have a PayPal account to process your transaction, PayPal works easily and securely with any guest user.

The transfer process will take 24 hours, your purchase is protected by PayPal.

Return Policy -
100% of the cost of this product will be returned within the first 48 hours of its activation. Full transfer of ownership will be made after the 48-hour money-back guarantee period.

The transfer cost to your domain registration company will be covered by WEBFINET, just contact us via our Business Whatsapp.

Hosting and WordPress
The price of the transfer includes 5 years of hosting service on webfinet servers with an unlimited premium WordPress website, this guarantee is maintained even if you change to another domain provider, just make sure that your DNS points to our servers. Contact us for assistance at any time.

Renewal cost.
The renewal price of this domain is completely different from your purchase price from webfinet, the renewal price of your domain rights will be set by your new domain management company.

You are paying webfinet the transfer rights of a Premium Domain which is already indexed in google, with hosting service for 5 years and with WordPress Premium Website in operation, in addition to an easy-to-remember business name.

The website associated with this product is advanced digital with auto-update and friendly for use and editing on all devices and has all the necessary tools to safely develop any type of website with unlimited data capacity and bandwidth. unlimited

Cost of renewal of hosting service and WordPress.
After the 5 years of free bonus, the renewal cost is only $60 per year. All websites are subject to the terms and conditions of webfinet.

You must have an account with WhatsApp to have effective and direct communication with us.

Transfer this Premium Domain With Wp and Hosting Included!
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